Company director Jon Lewis served in the Royal Air Force for almost 25 years as an aircraft engineer and as an instructor. After leaving the Royal Air Force in 2013 he decided to start his own bookkeeping business. Not having been in business previously, this was a steep learning curve and there were many trials & tribulations along the way (valuable lessons were learned that Jon now passes on to his clients). Virtus Solutions has now developed into a thriving business that provides bookkeeping services to over 30 businesses from many different sectors on a monthly basis along with several more businesses on a quarterly or annual basis.

The skills & qualities gained in Jon’s time in the Royal Air Force such as attention to detail, integrity and reliability are the cornerstones of Virtus Solutions. If a job is worth doing, it’s not just worth doing well, it’s worth doing to the very best of ones ability. Indeed, Virtus means excellence in Latin, and this is what Virtus Solutions strives to achieve for each and every client.